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If you are looking for an appropriate and motivating treatment plan to move again, and be seen and taken care of with empathy and respect, our physiotherapy here at SiSU is something for you to try.

Even if you’ve had disappointing experiences with physiotherapy, massages, and chiropractors that offered only short-term solutions, you can trust that our recovery program and sessions are the right path for you.

We want you to leave our sessions feeling like you’ve gained a lot. We genuinely listen to your experiences, ensure you receive maximum benefits, and guide you to significant improvements with our expertise.

If you’re eager to move freely again and return to sports pain-free, we can help with a rehabilitation program that allows you to enjoy the process while doing what you love.

And if you’re struggling with daily tasks due to core strength issues, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Visit us at SiSU near Wilston, and we’ll be here waiting for you.