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Core Strength Training

Never done weight training or gone to the gym before? 

Is your pain impeding your ability to work and enjoy your lifestyle?

Do you have health goals but at the same time you want to ensure that you are working within your capabilities without injuring yourself?

Do you want to feel strong and healthy like you never did before?

Come to SiSU! We are here to help you strengthen your core strength while enjoying the process!

The core muscles are the foundational support for the whole body. Having a strong core can help make exercises easier as well as prevent injuries.

It doesn’t matter if you never stepped into a gym before or you’re already at an age that people think is late to the game – we will not judge you.

We will  thoroughly investigate with you the problems you are having and the types of physical activities that you are undertaking in your work environment, and we will structure a series of core strengthening exercises tailor-fit to you.

The quality of care and advice we give are exceptional.

Feel empowered and supported to achieve your health goals by an impressive team of professionals who care here at SiSU!